Some of the companies who already chose indyco

Do you need to Document your Data and create an Enterprise Business Glossary?

Are you starting with a new Business Intelligence or Data Warehouse project?

Do you need to bring strong Best Practices and Standards?

Do you want to have all of your analyst independent to Discover the Data Model of your company?

Would you like to Manage all Data from a preferential point of view?

Are you trying to integrate External Data (Open Data) with your data model?

Align Business and IT for the entire lifecycle of your data assets with Agile and Collaborative Data Modeling.


Enterprise Data Modeling

This process helped to enhance the data culture within a leader company in Italy’s food and agriculture industry, and paved the way for the self-service reporting.

Co-Design Your Data Model with End Users

Business Users started interacting with the Conceptual Model projected on the wall, interacting with IT in a co-design session of their Data Warehouse.

Enterprise Data Warehouse Design in a Bank

How a bank set up DWH design best practices adopting indyco and then conceptual modeling, automatic documentation, business glossary.